Payne and Payne Photography

Payne and Payne Photography was established in 1960. We are family owned and operated with over 60 years experience.

We are professional photographers creating quality school portraits and their related products for you. This is our speciality and is the only kind of photography we do. Payne and Payne recognizes how important your memories are to you. We’ve built our business on classic portrait photography traditions utilizing the best of new technologies.

Every student is unique and important to us. Creating your portrait in time honored ways will make sure that we will Capture Today Forever especially just for you.

Our family works in all aspects of daily company operations to bring you direct personal service. Many of our team members are parents from the schools that we work in.

Our logo symbolism is a pair of inverted “P’s” for Payne and Payne. The left “P” has a red bird inside it. During the 1800s, real birds were often used to enable a person to focus their attention on a specific spot. Why? Before the camera flash system was invented, photographers used mostly natural light sources. Portraits took much longer to capture on mediums (copper plates “Daguerreotype”, glass plates “Ambrotype” and “Gelatine Dry-Plates”, iron plates “Tintype”), that absorbed the light much slower than than today’s familiar mediums. Watching a bird instead of just any inanimate object kept the subject’s face looking more natural for a portrait. People couldn’t really smile very well for their photograph and usually didn’t as they needed to hold very still. The right “P” contains a leaf shutter which was (and still sometimes is) used in cameras to help capture the light with. If you have an iPhone you will recognize the shutter graphic as being the same one. The red, white, and blue colors are symbolic of our American heritage.

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